How to stay awake on the road

How to stay awake on the road

How to stay awake on the road

The majority of people are aware of the danger of drunk driving. But do you know that drowsy driving is also dangerous? Just like the alcohol, the lack of sleep slows our reaction time when we need to stop a car at once, driving a winding road with sharp curves, or facing other potentially dangerous situations.

Pay attention to the following symptoms that indicate that you should delay your trip and go to bad at once :

  • It’ s hard for you to keep your eyes open and concentrate on the road
  • You yawn constantly
  • You are unable to remember the road, that you have been driving down the last several kilometers

If you feel sleepy while driving a car, park on the roadside and have a 15-20 minutes nap.

How to stay awake while driving a car

Have a good rest before your trip. Always remember that if you don’t have enough sleep several nights at a time, you will need more than one night of healthy sleep to restore your strength.

Avoid car driving after midnight and till 7 a.m. During this period our body experiences the state of „natural” sleep.

Don’t drive alone. A friend who will talk with you, while you are driving, will help you to stay awake.

Think about short breaks in advance, if you are going to make a long car trip.

Don’t drink too many caffeinated drinks. Although cola, tea or coffee may help you to stay awake for some short period of time, it is not the best choice during long car trips.

And remember, if you haven’t got enough sleep, stay away from the driver’s seat!

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