Save&Soft Orthopedics Memory Foam Knee Pillow



  • ALL YOU NEED FOR A HEALTHY SLEEP: bolster pillow for knees is a perfect match for those who like to sleep sideways. Putting it between your knees or ankles before sleep you ensure correct blood circulation in your legs and back. Your body acquires correct position during your sleep and load on your hip joints gets reduced.
  • ADJUSTS TO YOUR BODY: knee pillow for sleeping is made of a unique material – memory foam. It holds correct shape for a long time and doesn’t get shrink, but is able to adjust to a person. Over time, knee wedge pillow inflections will become more comfortable and suitable just for you.
  • SOFT VELVET COVER: Even better comfort is created by a white velvet cover with a “Save&Soft” logo. It brings you joy not only with its layout but also with its nice to touch texture. Fabric it is made of is not prickly, leaves no irritation and scratches, and is absolutely hypoallergic.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR TRIPS: knee support pillow is handy for any trips and long-lasting travels. With its dimensions of 20.5*5.9*9.8 In, knee rest pillow can be easily put into a small travel bag. Don’t worry that it can become dirty – a cover with a zipper is easily removed and hand-washed.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If for any reason, you won’t like our product, we are always ready to give you back its full cost, as we care you feel comfortable while sleeping and are healthy using our products!

Goods for health by “Save&Soft”

Memory foam pillow side sleeper is one more type of comfortable pillows for healthy sleep by “Save&Soft” Company. This knee elevation pillow was specifically designed for side sleepers. During sleep in such position our legs are located one upon the other irregularly, and hip joints and lumbar vertebrae get a little displaced frontwards, thus stiffening blood vessels and nerve endings.

Bolster pillow for bed allows keeping a correct position of the entire body while sleeping. For this purpose, you’ll need to:

  • put your contour knee pillow just before you go to sleep between knees and shins so the upper and lower leg get into the inflections of the pillow up and down;
  • then you can acquire any comfortable position and fall asleep, and the knee lift pillow will prevent your back twist and blood circulation worsening.

Don’t worry that during your sleep this knee pillow for sciatica relief can cause any discomfort and unusual feelings. We tried to make it out of materials that would ensure maximum comfort while you are resting.

  • Memory foam feeling was designed for comfort and body load reduction. Such material remains tight while adjusting to your body inflections.
  • White velvet cover is soft and nice to touch. We always check it for the absence of chemical smell so you won’t breathe it in while you sleep. This fabric won’t cause irritations and scratches and can be easily hand-washed in water of 300 С.

This pillow is a perfect match for trips as even on the road or at a hotel, you should rest correctly and gain strength.

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