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Save&Soft memory foam pillow with cooling gel which prevents back and neck pain we spend about onethird of our lives sleeping. If your neck is twisted or bent too far in any direction for a long time, you may suffer from cervical pain or shoulderaches. If you wake up in the morning with one of these problems, most probably you have a pillow that doesn’t support your head or neck properly. If your current pillow is too firm, too soft, too thin or too big, it can result in poor posture and spinal misalignment. Our comfortable pillow for sleeping keeps your neck and back aligned properly. Having no neck support at night is dangerous: It’s exposed to air, which leads to backache, stiffness and pain. The Europa shop memory foam pillow with neck support is exactly the right size:19.7”x 11.8”x3.9”x2.8” inches, which allows you to fit both your head and neck on it. The weight of the ergonomic pillow is 2 lb. 3 oz. Conforming to the shape of your head while you are sleeping on it, the pillow returns to its normal shape when you are not lying on it.

Firm yet soft, your head won’t sink to the bottom of the molded memory foam pillow
Cooling pads, not only does contour pillow with cool gel give you a restful night’s sleep, but it ales
100% bamboo fiber cover, asuper soft and comfortable antistatic aloe vera infused cover eliminates

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