Save&Soft Memory Foam Pillow (SMALL) without gel

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BEST RELAXATION AND PERFECT REST – The memory foam cervical pillow with neck support reduces pain in the shoulders, back and neck, allowing your muscles to fully relax for the most comfortable sleep.

GREAT HEALTHY FEELING – The ergonomic pillow helps the spine stay in the right aligned position, so that you won’t have a headache or muscle pain in the morning. Start everyday cheerfully and in a good mood.

HYPOALLERGENIC INNOVATIVE MATERIAL – The memory foam migraine pillow for neck pain was developed using a hypoallergenic material, and with additional protection from mold, dust, and mites. During the first 72 hours, there can be a “new material” smell which isn’t harmful and is absolutely normal.

HIGH-QUALITY CASE – The removable case is soft and pleasant to the touch. The breathing fabric, which is used for the case, is machine washable. Stains can be removed from the firm pillow with the help of a soap solution. The easiest and most simple care.

SLEEP IN ANY POSITION YOU LIKE – The orthopedic chiropractic memory foam pillow is great for sleeping on your side, belly or back. Use our pillow for comfortable sleep in any position you are used to. Great for people who prefer firmer pillows. When deciding whether to buy, read the whole product description, paying attention to the available sizes!

The Save&Soft hypoallergenic memory foam pillow is the best pillow for comfortable sleep and full rest.

The hypoallergenic memory foam pillow is made of high-quality materials, doesn’t cause allergic reactions and has additional protection from mold, dust, and mites.

The adjustable memory foam pillow adapts to your body, getting and keeping the proper form for the whole night.  The unique design and the filling used – memory foam – promotes spine position when sleeping, and it lets your back, neck and shoulder muscles completely relax for a full night’s rest. 

Our elite memory foam pillow eliminates pain in the shoulders, neck and back. Due to correct head and spine alignment when sleeping, you’ll feel more fresh and cheerful in the mornings. No headaches or neck pain when you wake up.

Everyone is used to sleeping in a particular position: on their back, neck or belly. The memory foam pillow with neck support is great for any sleeping position. Using the memory foam pillow you will have a more comfortable and high-quality sleep without needing to change your sleeping habits.

For the Save&Soft memory foam pillow, we use a soft and high-quality removable case. The material is pleasant to the touch, and you’ll love the way it feels against your skin. To clean, just remove the case and machine wash. If there’s a stain on the contour memory foam pillow, you can remove it with the help of a sponge and water.

The Save&Soft neck support memory foam pillow is a great gift for relatives. Give them the best-selling memory foam pillow for their good health and great mood. Care about the comfortable sleep and full rest of the people close to you

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